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    This site is provided for information purposes only. Nothing in its contents is intended to be, or shall be construed, explicitly or implicitly, as containing any offer, invitation or solicitation on behalf of KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD or any of its associated companies to buy or sell any type of investment instrument or to be engaged in any kind of transaction, nor as containing any advice or recommendation with respect to such transaction or instrument.

    Information content

    KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD has made every reasonable effort to ensure reliability of the information published on this site as well as in selecting the sources of information used. Nonetheless, KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD makes no representation or warranty (either explicit or implied) for the correctness, completeness, timeliness or uninterrupted availability of the information on its website or as regards the sources of information used, and expressly disclaim any liability for errors or omissions herein.

    Changes to KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD Website

    KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD retains the right to change and remove its website at any time without prior notice and in particular to change the existing contents (in full or in part) and to add new contents.


    Information, documents and services on hyperlinked or referred-to websites is neither investigated nor analysed by KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD and KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD does not warrant their accuracy, completeness and availability whatsoever.

    Exclusion of Liability

    KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD assumes no liability whatsoever for damages (including consequential or indirect damages or loss of profits) resulting from or in any way related to access and use of its website. This applies also in cases in which KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD points out the possibility of incurring such damages.

    KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD shall not be liable for technical disruptions such as server breakdowns, operating disruptions or failures of the telecommunications links and other similar events, which could lead to unavailability of this website.

    Local restrictions

    Certain jurisdictions may prohibit the receipt of information or the availability of this website. Persons to whom such prohibition apply (by reason of their nationality, domicile or residence) should leave this website.

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    Welcome to our website.