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    The Belgian financial group KBC acquired Raiffeisenbank and its subsidiaries in Bulgaria. Thus, the KBC group in Bulgaria already consists of 14 banking, insurance, leasing, insurance brokerage, asset management, pension insurance and factoring companies. According to BNB data as of March 2022, the total value of the companies' assets after the acquisition makes the KBC Group in Bulgaria the largest integrated financial group in the country, servicing over 2.5 million customers.

    The new companies in the Group will have in their name the internationally recognized brand KBC - the bank will be called KBC Bank Bulgaria, the leasing company will be KBC Leasing Bulgaria, KBC Investment Management is the new name of the asset management company, and the company providing insurance brokerage will be called KBC Insurance Broker Bulgaria.

    What is changing for me?

    The contractual relations with the customers remain unchanged and there is no need to take any steps. At this stage, only the owner and the name of the bank have been changed. We continue to serve our customers to the highest standards and strive to offer quality and innovative products and services. As always, for us the client is at the center and we strive to be his trusted partner at every stage of his life.

    Will the conditions of products and services change?

    The current conditions of the products and services do not change as a result of the change of ownership and the name of the bank. Regarding the new brand, only the names of some of the products and services and the design of the mobile applications will be changed. The customers will not need to download the applications again.

    Does my IBAN and account terms changing?

    The current conditions of the products and services do not change after the change of ownership and the name of the bank. Hence, the IBAN of the accounts also remains unchanged.

    Do I have to reissue my banking card?

    You do not need to reissue your card. You can continue to use it until the expiry date marked on it.

    Will there be a change for my loan?

    No. Your relations with the bank also regarding the loan products continue in accordance with your contract. You can continue to repay your debts as before.

    What will happen with my savings?

    The conditions remain unchanged. We are part of a large international group and the security of our clients' funds continues to be our priority.


    In this document you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


    More information about acquisition by KBC Group.

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