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    UBB Insurance Broker Bulgaria is a 100% owned company of КВС Leasing, licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in 2006.

    Insurance Broker

    The Company provides intermediary services in the conclusion of insurance contracts between clients and insurance companies. Since 2007, UBB Insurance Broker Bulgaria is a member of the Association of Insurance Brokers in Bulgaria.

    • Qualified team

      A team of qualified employees with long professional experience in the field of insurance and provision of insurance services. As a result of the high quality of service provided to our clients the Broker has been occupying in recent years one of the leading positions in the ranking of insurance intermediaries in Bulgaria.

    • Stable partners

      We maintain stable relationships with the leading insurance companies which allows us to serve as a professional intermediary in the conclusion of various types of insurance.

    • Quality service

      We are specialized in servicing clients, individuals and legal entities. The qualification and the experience gained in the intermediary services contribute to the good and detailed study of the insurance market in order to provide insurance protection to our clients.

    Types of insurance

    UBB Insurance Broker Bulgaria is an insurance broker well established on the market through which you can make many different types of insurance.

    The Broker offers consulting services on a wide variety of insurance contracts both in general and life insurance.


    Provides insurance of immovable and movable property with selected and appropriate insurance coverage.

    Casco insurance

    Provides insurance protection for your vehicles, freight vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and equipment, boats, aircrafts, etc.

    Liability insurance

    Specialized type of insurance policies which ensure that in the event of damage to third parties the liability for the actions and/or inaction of natural persons and/or legal entities under certain agreed terms may be assumed by the insurance company.

    The risks covered under each type of liability insurance are strictly specific.

    Insurance of Cargo in Transit

    This type of insurance ensures your peace and comfort when transporting goods.

    Accident Insurance

    A product developed specifically for providing insurance protection in case of unforeseen (accidental) events leading to damage to the insured.

    Life Insurance

    The purpose of this product is to provide insurance protection to the insured and/or his/her family.

    Coverage of this type of insurance may be extended depending on the needs and desires of the insured person(s).

    Health insurance

    Products specifically designed to ensure health prevention along with care for the insured in case of need for specialized medical assistance.

    Agricultural insurance

    Provides possibilities to insure crops and certain species of animals against common and specific risks.

    Financial insurance

    Provides possibilities to insure financial risks including commercial risks, credit risks, receivables etc.

    Other types of insurance

    Contact us for more information.


    To meet the needs of its clients, UBB Insurance Broker Bulgaria offers:

    • Research of needs

      Research of the individual needs of clients for insurance protection.

    • Market analysis

      Analysis and research of the insurance market in order to provide adequate recommendations for appropriate insurance products.

    • Provision of offers

      Provision of offers from leading insurance companies.

    • Offering solutions

      Offers of appropriate solutions to insure material and non-material interests.

    • Elaboration of programmes

      Elaboration of individual and corporate insurance programmes.

    • Negotiation of terms

      Negotiation of preferential terms and tariffs

    • Assistance

      Provision of assistance in case of insurance events.

    • Personal attitude

      Personal attitude from a team of insurance specialists with long experience in the field of general and life insurance.

    • Building relationships

      Building relationships based on honesty and trust with clients and insurers.

    Insurance companies

    To provide services of the highest quality, we allow our clients to choose among the best insurance products on the Bulgarian market by maintaining high professional standards of partnership with the following insurance companies:



    IC UNIQA Life AD


    JSC Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group

    JSC Bulstrad Vienna Life Insurance Group


    Generali Insurance AD


    JSC Allianz Bulgaria

    JSC Allianz Bulgaria Life


    DZI-General Insurance AD


    JSC Armeec


    JSC Euroins Insurance

    Lev Ins

    Lev Ins AD

    OZK Insurance

    JSIC OZK-Insurance AD


    DallBogg: Life and Health


    Groupama Insurance AD

    Advice and additional information

    If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

    The team of UBB Insurance Broker Bulgaria will be happy to meet your expectations of professionalism, integrity and quality service in the field of insurance and insurance brokerage.


    Office Aries

    Sofia, Business center Aries, 32A Cherni vrah Blvd., floor 6

    Phone: (+359 2) 902 99 05
    (+359 2) 902 98 13