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    How to Apply


    Apply for the current vacancies posted on the website

    1. Select the desired position that is announced on the website.
    2. Click the Apply button.
    3. Log in to your account or sign up.
    4. Complete the "Registration Form" by attaching the prepared documents - a CV and a cover letter.
    5. Your registration form is recorded in the database for the specific position.

    The received documents are reviewed by an employee from the Human Resources Department and a manager of the structure for which the vacancy is announced.

    Candidates who most fully meet the requirements are invited to an interview.

    Review and update your account if necessary.

    Pay attention

    You have no professional experience

    You must tick box "No experience".

    You want to re-apply for a position

    The system does not allow you to re-apply for a position for which we already have your documents. If you update the information in your account, we will be notified.

    You are interested in more than one position

    Select the Apply button underneath a position you are interested in. You do not have to send a separate CV for each position you apply for.

    By applying for a vacant position in KBC Bank, it shall be deemed that:

    • You agree that the personal data you provide to KBC Bank for the purposes of the recruitment process and of the potential relationship under labour contract / management contract will be stored, processed and used by KBC Bank.
    • You are informed about the purpose of the processing of your personal data.
    • You voluntarily give your personal data.

    Our advice

    Curriculum vitae

    Prepare your CV so to present yourself in a realistic and comprehensive way. It must be well structured and written understandably without any extra details. It should contain the following information reflecting your real experience:

    1. Contact information (address, phone number, e-mail)
    2. Education (education institution, speciality, completion date, degree)*
    3. Work experience (place of work, position, periods of service)*
    4. Foreign languages and other important skills related to the job you applied for

    *Always start with the last completed education/most recent job.

    The cover letter

    The cover letter should supplement the CV. Its purpose is to provide information about your motivation and convincing arguments that you are a suitable candidate for the position. This is the place to point out more facts about yourself, about your qualities and skills, and about achievements that you think are important.

    It is important that your cover letter is written by you personally and is intended for the particular job/organization. Ready-made templates of cover letters are not recommended. They are easily recognized and would not attract the employer’s attention.

    The cover letter should state the specific job or field you are applying for.

    Highlight the experience gained during the training or the work experience that meets the requirements of the job you are applying for.

    The additional documents

    In the first stage of the procedure we do not require other documents except a cover letter and a CV.

    Copies of diplomas or recommendations are needed at a later stage of the recruitment process.

    During the interview

    Every interview gives you an opportunity to both present yourself and get personal impressions of the atmosphere in the bank and get to know some of its employees.

    Get acquainted with the company, the specifics of the business and the requirements for the position before the interview.

    Be prepared to present your career plans. It will be much easier for you to find a good employer if you know what you are aiming for and what your professional goals are for the next few years.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions, if the interviewer gives you this opportunity.

    The positive attitude and business behaviour always make a good impression.

    A personal profile on the website of KBC Bank

    If you are interested in vacancies at KBC Bank, you can apply directly on the Bank’s website. Sign up and create your profile in the Free Positions menu or use your existing profile:

    • Review and update your account if necessary.
    • Choose the current vacancy you are interested in.
    • Click the Apply button


    KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD process personal data in the capacity of a controller of personal data within the meaning of the Personal data protection law and the General Data Protection Regulation.

    This information aims to outline the approach to the lawful processing of your data and its protection within the activities carried out by KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD as an employer within the meaning of §1, p.1 from the Additional provisions of the Labour Code.
    KBC Bank considers a the protection of the processed personal data a main priority.

    Recruitment team

    Contact us via Viber if you need any assistance in the recruitment process. Our Recruitment team will guide you and answer your questions. In order to contact us via Viber, it is necessary that you install the application on your device.

    We look forward to you from 9 am - 5 pm from Monday to Friday.


    Recruitment specialist 

    Talent searcher, food & shopping lover and supports volunteering initiatives.

    Viber Write to Desi


    Recruitment specialist

    Looking for motivated and talented candidates, tea lover and adventure enthusiast.

    Viber Write to Marina


    Recruitment Business partner

    Looking for passionate candidates. Adores being close to nature. Book lover.

    Viber Write to Tsveti


    Why to choose us

    Find out more about the company as an employer and career development with us.

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    If you have any question about the free vacant positions or about the bank as an employer, fill in the online form.

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