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Calls to 0700 10 000 are charged according to your tariff plan for calls to 0 700 numbers.

Calls to 1721 are billed as A1-A1 or Yettel-Yettel according to the subscribers own rate plan.



Viktor Spasov, Head of Factoring Department


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    MultiCash is a modern product for e-banking. With MultiCash installed on your personal computers, you can contact the bank at a time convenient for you directly from your office and perform bank operations.


    • Security

      You deliver online payment orders in BGN and foreign currency securely, quickly and easily.

    • Information

      You receive information on the movements and balances under your company accounts.

    • Convenience

      The product is easy and convenient to use, does not require special computer knowledge and has a built-in helpdesk.

    • Control

      You manage the company’s liquidity by maintaining a database of account balances and being able to analyze them.


    MultiCash is an installation application that uses MultiCash — a widely used e-banking software in Europe.

    KBC Bank provides a software version of the product in Bulgarian and/or English at the customer’s option. In order to feel completely assured and comfortable when working with MultiCash, the Bank has prepared a detailed instruction manual specifically for you and its specialists carry out training at your workplace.

    • MultiCash can be used locally and in a network.

      In case of network installation, the local network must be installed and configured with a shared directory.

    • Possibility to export and import statements

      It allows export of statements and import of payment files generated by your accounting system in a specific format.

    • Storage of information

      The product allows you to store information about banks, beneficiaries, accounts, etc., that can subsequently be used repeatedly for your payment orders.

    • You have information exchange with banks in this country and abroad.

    Additional advantages

    High level of security

    MultiCash has three-level protection against unauthorized access to data and accounts:

    • At the client - access to the bank takes place via individual passwords and access rights of the users of the product as well as through an additional individual verification code generated on a USB-flash device.
    • At the Bank - verification of the rights to access the devices.
    • At the time of transfer of information online - the data is transferred in a compressed and encrypted form.

    Electronic signature

    MultiCash also has an Electronic Signature module.

    • The electronic signature provides the highest level of protection.
    • It reproduces the signature hierarchy in your organization.
    • It allows for remote authorization.


    Application procedure

    1. To take advantage of the service, complete an Application form for the use of e-services for Legal entities and Sole traders and submit it to a bank office.
    2. We will contact you as soon as we receive your application form to set a date and time for the installation of the programme and to provide training at your workplace.


    Call Center

    0700 10 000 (Vivacom)
    17 21 (A1 and Yettel)


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