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Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000


(+359 2) 91 985 101


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Card and POS terminals assistance

24 hours bank cards and POS terminals assistance center


(+359 2) 962 41 02

Calls to 0700 10 000 are charged according to your tariff plan for calls to 0 700 numbers.

Calls to 1721 are billed as A1-A1 or Yettel-Yettel according to the subscribers own rate plan.



Viktor Spasov, Head of Factoring Department


(+ 359 2) 91 985 774

(+ 359) 886 999 569

Financial Institutions/ Sovereigns Department


Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000


(+359 2) 91 985 423


(+359 2) 943 45 57


Capital Markets Saled Department

Nayden Chernev, Head of Department


(+359 2) 91 985 456



(+ 359 2) 91 985 429

(+ 359 2) 91 985 454



(+359 2) 91 985 490

(+359 2) 91 985 496




Tariff for fees and commissions for Legal entities and Sole traders

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General Conditions and Forms for Legal entities and Sole traders.

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    If you want to trade on the Bulgarian or international capital markets, save money or manage your business related risks, Capital Markets products are the right choice for you.


    • Invest in financial instruments chosen by you

      Invest your cash in bonds or equities. Trade blue-chip stocks or invest in low-risk financial instruments, such as government or corporate bonds, at competitive fees and commissions set in accordance with market practice.

    • Innovative savings and investment products

      Certificates give an opportunity to invest in products that have full or conditional guarantee on their par value in combination with the opportunity to achieve yields higher than the market average for standard bank deposits. Everyone can find a product that suits them amongst the wide range of financial instruments designed for different types of investors and market participants.

    • Make foreign exchange in various currencies

      KBC Bank is one of the main banking institutions that offers trade with foreign currencies and currency products on the Bulgarian market. Ask our dealers for a preferential exchange rate, which is different from the bank’s official rate, when changing more than 5 000 euros into leva or the equivalent of 10 000 leva in another currency.

    • Manage the currency risk associated with your company’s business

      With KBC Bank currency hedging products you can focus on the essence of your business. The various forex and swap products we offer allow you to fix an exchange rate now for the purchase and sale of currency that will take place at a future moment and will be used for your deferred payments with counterparties.

    • Interest rate risk management

      The interest rate swap provides protection against adverse changes in the reference interest rates. The product is a contract between two parties under which one party makes fixed interest payments to the other party and receives in exchange floating interest payments calculated on the basis of a pre-determined principal, where the latter is not exchanged between the parties. The product is offered only to corporate clients of the Bank.


    Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

    Harmonisation of regulations, procedures and requirements relating to transactions in financial instruments within the Community.

    Key information documents

    The following website provides access to the key information documents (KID) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014.

    Contacts and assistance

    Nayden Chernev, Head of Capital Markets
    Phone: (+359 2) 91 985 456

    FX Dealers
    Phone: (+ 359 2) 91 985 453, (+ 359 2) 91 985 429, (+ 359 2) 91 985 454

    Brokers - financial instruments
    Phone: (+359 2) 91 985 490, (+359 2) 91 985 496

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