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    Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in EUR

    Everything depends on the best strategy!


    • Yield

      Investments in mutual funds give you an opportunity to make better returns.

    • Liquidity

      You can use the money when necessary. If you choose to sell part or all of your stake, you will receive any returns accumulated so far.

    • Tax relief

      The returns made on your investment are tax-free (both for individuals and entities).

    • Savings

      You don’t have to pay a subscription fee or a redemption fee for any investment held longer than 1 year; you also get to use a free account to service your investment.

    • Professional management

      KBC Investment Management and Raiffeisen Capital Management (Austria).


    What is the fund and where does it invest?

    • Feeder scheme

      Raiffeisen Active Protection in EUR is a feeder scheme which constantly has 85% or more of its assets invested in Raiffeisen-Euro-Click, a master collective scheme organised and managed by Raiffeisen Capital Management (Austria).

    • Diverse financial instruments

      Raiffeisen-Euro-Click invests in diverse financial instruments on the global markets, aiming to ensure that the fund performs well in different market situations.

    • Raiffeisen-Euro-Click

      Raiffeisen-Euro-Click offers a protection model, aiming to maintain 90% of the highest historical net asset value reached per fund unit.

    • The fund is a low to moderate risk investment.

    Investment horizon of the fund: 5 years

    Minimum investment in the fund: EUR 200

    More information on the KBC Investment Management website: Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in EUR.

    Fees and management


    Subscription fee 0,00%
    Redemption fee
    For investments longer than 1 year 0,00%
    For investments under 1 year 0,30%

    *The fee is included in the buy-back price and is not deducted separately.

    Management fee*

    The management company charges commission of up to 1.00% of the average annual net asset value of Raiffeisen (Bulgaria) Active Protection in EUR and is calculated daily.

    *The fee is included in the unit price and is not deducted separately.

    How to apply

    To invest in the mutual funds of KBC Investment Management, please visit your local KBC Bank office.

    Application criteria

    Mutual funds are suitable for individual, corporate and institutional clients.

    *Raiffeisen Active Protection in EUR is a feeder collective investment scheme within the meaning of Article 67(1) of the Collective Investment Schemes and Other Collective Investment Undertakings Act and always has 85% or more of its assets invested in units of the Raiffeisen-Euro-Click master collective scheme.

    Investing in mutual funds is related to certain risks. The value of the units and income generated from them may decrease. Earnings are not guaranteed and there is a risk for the investors to not recuperate the full amount of their investments. Investments in mutual funds are not secured by a Guarantee Fund, established by the State or any other type of guarantee. The future performance of mutual funds are not necessarily related to the results of previous periods. The presented information should not be considered advice for investing in financial instruments, including units of mutual funds, offered by KBC Investment Management. It is recommended for investors to first familiarize themselves with the prospectuses of the funds and the rules for Mutual funds before taking any investment decisions. The full prospectus and additional information for the funds can be received in any of the offices of KBC Bank as well as on the website of KBC Investment Management.

    Raiffeisen-Euro-Click) offers a protection model, aiming to maintain 90% of the highest NAV reached per fund unit and prevent a fall of more than 10% below that value. This model is not a binding investment aim of the fund and does not constitute a firm guarantee of the money invested. Therefore, capital loss is possible. As part of its investment strategy, the fund may invest in derivatives. As a result of its composition and the management techniques used, the fund may display high levels of volatility, and the unit price may rise and fall substantially in short periods of time, during which it is not possible to limit capital losses.

    On request, investors will be provided with a free hard copy of the prospectuses and the annual and 6-month financial statements of the Raiffeisen-Euro-Click master scheme.


    KBC Investment Management

    Address: Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000, Phase ІІ 
    Phone: (+359 2) 91 985 500, (+359 2) 91 985 467
    Fax: (+359 2) 943 33 65
    Business hours:
    Weekday 08:30 h. - 17:30 h.

    Call Center

    0700 10 000 (Vivacom)
    17 21 (A1 and Yettel)
    Business hours:
    Weekday 08:00 h. - 20:00 h.
    Saturday 09:00 h. - 15:00 h.

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