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    Bank Guarantee

    There is a problem of mutual distrust between transactions between new or little known counterparties. For example, between a buyer and a seller - the former - that he will get the goods/service he pays it in advance and the latter - that he will get paid if he delivers the goods/execute the project before the payment is made.
    You can resolve the issue of mutual distrust by including in your commercial deals a bank guarantee commitment.


    There is a wide variety of types of bank guarantees.

    Which type of guarantee is appropriate for a particular case to best protect your interests?

    You can talk to us to choose the right solution for you.

    KBC Bank offers to its clients bank guarantees securing the obligations of its clients to local commercial companies and institutions (including banks) and to foreign parties and institutions (including banks):

    • Payment guarantee

      This ensures payment for the benefit of the beneficiary in case of non-compliance with the negotiated terms of the trade transaction.

    • A guarantee for repayment of advance payments (advance payment guarantee)

      It ensures a refund of an advance payment in case of non-fulfilment of the obligations under the main contract.

    • Guarantee for participation in tenders

      It provides security in case of withdrawal of the offer after winning the tender and non-conclusion of the awarded contract.

    • Performance guarantee

      It secures the performance of the contractual terms under the trade transaction.

    • Others, depending on the specific needs of each client

      For warranty obligations, customs obligations, for issue of TIR carnets, etc.


    The bank guarantees issued by KBC Bank represent an irrevocable and unconditional written commitment of the Bank to pay a certain amount in favour of the person specified in the guarantee under the conditions stipulated therein (most often in case of non-fulfilment of contractual terms).

    Advising of a bank guarantee

    1. KBC Bank, in its capacity of an advising bank, will notify (advise) you in writing about the receipt of the bank guarantee and confirm its authenticity.
    2. In case you need to claim payment under the received bank guarantee, you can get our expert advice.

    Important: The final decision on whether the claim is to be paid is taken by the issuing bank. KBC Bank, as an advising and consulting bank, is not committed to the payment of the bank guarantee.

    In order to reduce your risk and to increase your convenience, it is advisable to provide the guarantees issued in your favour to your servicing bank for administrative handling.

    Issue of a bank guarantee

    KBC Bank issues bank guarantees as ordered by its clients against blocked cash or approved credit limits.

    Important: The bank guarantee is a separate obligation regardless of the contractual relationship between the parties to the main contract. The bank that issued the guarantee is obliged to make a payment to the beneficiary under the guarantee in case the conditions of the bank guarantee are strictly fulfilled but the Bank is not responsible for the execution of the concluded (commercial) main contract.

    Additional advantages

    Advantages for the beneficiary

    • Existence of an irrevocable commitment of the Bank to make a payment

    • Each stage of a trade deal can be secured

      A guarantee for a tender, advance payment, good performance, payment, warranty obligations, etc.

    Advantages for the ordering party

    • Form to secure the obligations to business partners. The ordering party does not deposit personal money with his partner.

    • Possibility to achieve better trading conditions (for example: possibility to negotiate a deferred payment).

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the difference between a Letter of Credit and a Bank Guarantee?

    The Documentary Letter of Credit is a form of payment, whereas the bank guarantee is a form of securing the fulfilment of obligations under a commercial contract.

    Can the bank guarantee be confirmed?

    No, unlike letters of credit, bank guarantees are not subject to confirmation.
    The "confirmation" of the bank guarantee in case you do not trust the issuing bank can be done through the issuing of a guarantee against a counter-guarantee.

    How do you proceed when you are not sure about the reliability of the issuing bank?

    KBC Bank may issue a bank guarantee in your favour that has been secured with a counter-guarantee received for its favour. This must be agreed however in advance with the two banks involved in the operation and can only be done within the necessary credit limits.


    You can order the issue of a bank guarantee by:

    1. Providing full cash cover or by negotiating the credit line with the bank in advance.
    2. Completing and depositing with the bank a form signed by a person authorized to do so Application for issue of a guarantee (265.0 KB) and Conditions for issue of a bank guarantee (37.7 KB) or by ordering the opening of a bank guarantee through .

    Your application for the issue of a bank guarantee will be reviewed in accordance with the Bulgarian law and KBC Bank's internal rules.


    Call Center

    0700 10 000 (Vivacom)
    17 21 (A1 and Yettel)


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