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KBC Bank Bulgaria and UBB united under the name United Bulgarian Bank (UBB)

On 10th of April 2023, UBB and KBC Bank Bulgaria officially united after the re-organization of KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD, through its merger into United Bulgarian Bank AD, was entered in the Commercial Register. The legal merger is the next step in the integration of the two banks after the Belgian KBC Group acquired the business of Raiffeisen Bank International in Bulgaria in the summer of 2022.

The process of the technical integration of UBB and present KBC Bank Bulgaria is underway. Until its finalization, our branch network, corporate website and the digital channels of the up-to-now KBC Bank Bulgaria will have a special symbol next to UBB logo. At this stage, clients do not need to take any actions and will continue to be serviced as until now. We will inform you about any future changes.


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    Documentary Letter of Credit

    If you are an exporter, you are looking for assurance that you will receive the agreed payment for your delivery.
    If you are an importer, you want to make sure you receive the goods you pay for.

    The Documentary Letter of Credit provides protection for both parties to a commercial transaction - the buyer’s bank (Ordering party of the letter of credit) is obliged to pay to the seller (Beneficiary under the letter of credit) the agreed amount if the seller presents the documents provided in the letter of credit within the set deadlines.
    Therefore the Documentary Letter of Credit is a widespread and reliable form of payment.

    Important: In these operations, banks only check the documents and do not express an opinion on the goods/services to which these documents refer.


    There are various forms of documentary letters of credit – payable at sight or with deferred payment, confirmed or unconfirmed, and so on. The Bank carries out all types of operations related to the documentary letters of credit in all major currencies. There is no universal type of letter of credit.

    Talk to us about your needs. UBB can professionally advise you on the form of documentary letter of credit that is best suited to you.


    Export Documentary letter of credit (Export letter of credit)

    The Documentary Export letter of credit received by UBB represents an irrevocable commitment of the Bank to the Buyer (Issuing Bank) for payment of a certain amount of money for the benefit of the Seller (Beneficiary under the letter of credit) when the Beneficiary submits the documents agreed upon in the letter of credit in strict accordance with the terms and conditions provided therein.

    The Documentary Letter of Credit is received at the seller’s bank (Advising Bank)

    1. UBB, as an advising bank, will notify (advise) you in writing about the receipt of the letter of credit and confirm its authenticity.
    2. In case the letter of credit is issued with an instruction to be confirmed and if the Beneficiary requests such confirmation, UBB may add its confirmation thus undertaking an irrevocable commitment to the Beneficiary for payment against presentation of conform documents to its desks. The confirmation of the letter of credit represents an independent commitment for UBB to make a payment to the client that is a Beneficiary of the letter of credit in addition to the commitment of the issuing bank.
      Important: The addition of a confirmation to a received documentary letter of credit must be agreed in advance with UBB and can only be made subject to the necessary bank limits.
    3. Once the Beneficiary has dispatched the goods, the Beneficiary prepares and submits to UBB the necessary documents in order to receive payment under the letter of credit issued in favour of the Beneficiary.
    4. UBB reviews and sends the documents to the issuing bank. After receiving the documents, the issuing bank reviews them for compliance with the terms in the letter of credit and, if they are compliant, makes a payment or confirms a payment at maturity.

    Import Documentary letter of credit (Import letter of credit)

    UBB issues letters of credit as ordered by its clients against blocked cash or approved credit limits.

    Additional advantages

    • Reduces the risk of unilateral cancellation of the contract within the time limit of the letter of credit

    • Reduces the risk when there is lack of knowledge about different legislations

      By applying international rules and standards (e.g. UCP 600)

    Advantages for the buyer

    • Provides security that the seller will fulfil his obligations under the contract (terms, quantity, etc.)

      The issuing bank will pay the seller only if the documents are in full compliance with the terms of the letter of credit and are presented within the time limit specified in the letter of credit.

    • Allows for negotiation for deferred payment under the contract.

    Advantages for the seller

    • Provides security for payment against documents that are compliant with the letter of credit

      Even in the event of insolvency and unfairness of the counterparty.

    • Provides possibility to obtain financing for the deferred payment

      Discounting of receivables under letters of credit.


    You can order the issue of a documentary letter of credit by:

    1. Providing full cash cover or by negotiating the credit line with the bank in advance
    2. Completing and depositing with the bank a form signed by persons authorized to do so Application for issue of a letter of credit or by ordering the opening of a letter of credit through 

    Your application for the issue of a letter of credit will be reviewed in accordance with the Bulgarian law and UBB’s internal rules.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can the documentary letter of credit be changed or cancelled without the consent of the seller (the Beneficiary)?

    The bank and the ordering party may not cancel a letter of credit after notification to the Beneficiary. The letter of credit may be cancelled or amended only with the Beneficiary's consent. UBB undertakes to make payments only under irrevocable letters of credit.

    How does a documentary letter of credit reduce the risks for the buyer?

    By including in the required documents such ones that could prove good performance of the seller’s obligations.

    How does a documentary letter of credit reduce the risks for the seller?

    Through an irrevocable commitment of a bank - the payment is not subject to the creditworthiness of the buyer and the payment will be received after submission of documents that meet strictly the conditions of the letter of credit.

    What happens if the documents submitted for the utilization of the amount of the letter of credit are not compliant?

    The payment under the letter of credit shall take place only if the buyer gives his consent to accept the submitted non-compliant documents.

    Can the bank exercise control over the actual performance of the commercial contract?

    In these operations, banks only check the documents and do not express an opinion on the goods/services to which these documents refer.
    A letter of credit is an independent and separate commitment from a commercial contract.

    Does the bank review the documents under a letter of credit in advance?

    Yes, UBB makes a preliminary review of the documents for which it collects a fee based on the current tariff of the Bank.

    What does it mean that the Bank will confirm a letter of credit?

    The confirmation of a letter of credit is a separate and independent commitment of the confirming bank in addition to that of the issuing bank and means that the confirming bank has to make a payment according to the conditions of the letter of credit when it receives regular documents in case the issuing bank does not fulfil the commitment. UBB adds its confirmation to letters of credit at its own discretion and subject to certain conditions if requested by the issuing bank and/or if requested by the Beneficiary against a current fee set by the Bank.