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    United office of KBC Bank and UBB in Dulovo town

    As of 27.03.2023 (Monday) the office at 11, Vasil Levski Str. in Dulovo town is going to also service the customers of UBB.


    Notification for suspension of subscription and redemption of units

    As of 20.03.2023, the subscription and redemption of the units is permanently suspended.

    Exchange rates

    22.03.2023 18:50

    Buy rates

    1  EUR =  1.950 BGN

    1  USD =  1.770 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.184 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.931 BGN

    22.03.2023 18:50

    Sell rates

    1  EUR =  1.959 BGN

    1  USD =  1.850 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.252 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.998 BGN



    Change in UBB Interest Rates Tariff for Accounts of Individuals and Interest Rates Bulletin for Retail clients in KBC Bank EAD

    New UBB Interest rates tariff for accounts of individual in force from 07.05.2023.


    Changes in General Terms and Conditions for Payment Accounts and Services for Individual clients

    As of 07.05.2023 there will be changes in the General Terms and Conditions for Payment Accounts and Services, Debit Cards and KBC Online Bulgaria for individuals.


    Changes in Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individual clients

    We would like to inform you about upcoming changes in the Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individuals.

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